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"The whole idea is to be healthy in body, mind and spirit."

Hi,  my name is Kathy. There are already a number of websites and blogs about health, but this one is unique in that I focus on the importance of health and lifestyle as they relate to our spirituality, our ability to live up to our full potential, to use our gifts to serve others and to be creative.  In all of my research on health and spiriuality I have come up with very little about how physical health affects our spiritual life.  Spiritual writings almost always leave out the care of the body and how it relates to our wholeness, our holiness.    No one can be truly whole without also tending to the body.  

H-O-L-Y-S-T-I-C is the way I spell the word "holistic" because the root for the word "whole" is the same as the root for the word "holy" which also means healthy.  To be whole is to be healthy in body, mind and spirit!  Growing towards wholeness and holiness and discovering our authentic selves is what life is really all about.


Throughout this website I have included articles about prayer and meditation, lifestyle, the trait of HSP* (Highly Sensitive Person), creativity,  spirituality,  and more.   Many articles are written by some of my favorite authors, including  Judith Orloff,  who is an "expert" on the topic of empathy,  the trait of HSP* and much more.


I also have a special interest in the healing of the earth and believe that God intends to heal all of creation and that we are here at this time in history in order to contribute in our own unique way to the manifestation of the new world, the real world...

"We know that the whole creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth right up to the present time."   Romans 8:22

To help to usher in the new world I want you to understand that we can live more and more as children of God  and of the Light, and walk the earth with power and love accomplishing the works of **Christ.

"So as Jesus is, so am I in this world".  1 John 4:17


If we will visualize, affirm and share the good news that the Light of Christ has come into the world, we can help to raise the consciousness of the whole human race so that all may experience and open their eyes to the Heavens, to the Light and help bring about the reign of God on  earth.

*HSP is a term coined by Dr. Elaine Aron, researcher and author of "The Highly Sensitive Person."

**Coming from a Christian background, I make references to Christ throughout this website.  If you are of a different belief please try to think of the name of God as you understand it to be.   I also use the "new age" terms such as "new world" and "lightworker" in the biblical sense, not as in "New World Order".

What do you think?    Email me at Holystic@aol.com

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