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This time I am  reprinting a Newsletter I wrote for a group several years ago.  With a little editing I thought it was relevant for our times.


What Is Prayer ?

So many people are suffering in the world.  In fact the majority of the world's population is suffering, either from illness, poverty, troubled  relationships or any number of other maladies that plague humanity in these critical times.   Enter COVID 19.

But here is some good news!  It doesn't have to be that way!  We have  enormous, unused  power  within us that is just waiting to be unleashed...  This power is commonly known as prayer.  

There are many different kinds of prayer and many different ways to pray. Does anyone ever ask you to pray for them?  Or as some say: "send positive vibes".  Actually this might be more accurate and a more powerful "prayer" than a more formal prayer.   Did you know that your thoughts can be prayers?  The thoughts that you think all day long, whether you are aware of it or not?  Thoughts and words carry ENERGY and POWER.   They can be compared to electricity. 

The Bible says, "pray without ceasing".  How do we do that!!   Yes we can do that or Jesus would  not have told us to.  When I was a child I asked  a wise Christian lady  how she prayed. She was always telling me that she did a lot of praying.   Seems like she prayed for everybody and everything!   She said, " I pray all day long... my thoughts are my prayers."   Her answer left an impression on me.   Since then I have read many books on prayer, "mind" power, and positive thinking, and I realize that she was right.

It can be a life long "project" getting into the habit of "praying" without ceasing.  What are some steps you can take ?  Be aware of your thoughts.  The real you inside (the "inner witness") can observe the "thinking" part of you... the activity of your brain,  including the imagination, interpretations, reasonings,  reactions, ponderings, wonderings and  so on.  When you catch yourself  THINKING or saying anything unkind, destructive or negative, immediately STOP and substitute a kind and positive thought.   

Then there are prayers of thanksgiving and praise. Someone was once asked how they prayed. Their answer was that they never asked for anything,  but gave thanks for what they already had.  And we all do already have everything we need. We just need to REALIZE it and  "claim" it. The Bible says that faith is the substance of things unseen.... the SUBSTANCE.   Faith is substance.... think on that.

Prayer is also and mainly communion with God. It is awareness of God's presence... sustaining a higher consciousness as we go about our everyday lives. And prayer is  RECEIVING what we already have....what is already existent in the unseen realm.

Prayer is too great a subject to cover in one short article. I wish I could give you a "magic" formula. I hope I have given you a few things to think about.  Above all I urge you to pray.  To pray any way you can; in whatever way feels right and effective for you.  We need it now more than ever. So  pray and keep on praying and thinking "positive".  Prayer is the mightiest force in the world.


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